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Do you know the risks you are taking if you’re not investing in your health?

We are now a couple of weeks out of lockdown, a 4-month period of when there was no access to gyms, no sports and normal life style changed. This may have been detrimental to your overall wellbeing, depending on the type of person you are;

You may be the person who thrived and took advantage of the circumstances, thinking outside the box using all and any equipment to workout, able to train at the time they desired, stick to their diet without having the distractions of parties, celebrations, eating out or seeing friends & family.

Then there is person two. Yes a lot of us fall under this bracket, bored of home workouts, missing the gym environment as the equipment and joe wicks just isn’t cutting it for you anymore. Drinking in the evening when you normally wouldn’t, to make virtual pub quizzes bearable. Sitting on the sofa getting though the whole of Netflix was no fun unless you had snacks to go with it, after all you only had to walk to the next room to get them. No matter all your good intensions to get back on track tomorrow, it just never happened.

Since the gyms reopened have you been able to get out of this rut and negative spiral? How much do you actually value your health?

You shouldn’t be feeling tired, lethargic and demotivated, this is not normal. You need to understand that if you don’t priorities your health and wellbeing, it may have a knock on effect resulting in not being able to look after or even provide for your loved ones, simple things in life become more of a challenge because you are not fit enough to enjoy them.

The key to success in all areas in life is to be strong, fit and healthily. This will impact your work, social and even love life all in a positive way. Fitness doesn’t just make you look and feel good, it will also help improve your confidence, lifestyle, motivation & ability to perform tasks.

Have you weighed up the risks of not investing in your health?