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Online coaching

Online coaching

Online coaching

Is online coaching right for you?

Is it for you?

If one to one coaching isn’t feasible or practical for you at the moment, don’t worry. You can still achieve remarkable results through my online coaching. I’ll provide you with all the support and advice you need. Just bring your dedication and motivation, and together we’ll reach your goals.

If you’re ready to start your fitness journey with me, guiding you through the screen, contact me.

My Online services

What do you get?

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A breakdown of online coaching

An indepth look

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Online Coaching

Online coaching means I can be guiding you with your training, even when I’m not there with you.

With this style of coaching, I will produce personalised training and nutrition plans specifically tailored to suit you, so that you can train effectively to achieve your goals all through the web.

The Body Projcet Recipe Pack 1

224 Page recipe pack

We all like a little variety in our life, so I have created a 224 page document consisting of high protein and plant based recipes.

You can explore new ways of making foods and flavours meaning dieting will never be boring again. They have the exact directions and measurements required showing you how to make them. A scannable a barcode is provided to automatically add the food to ‘MyFitnessPal’ if you are required to use it.

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Personalised Programming

Every single person is different, from their goals, lifestyle, time frame, training ability, frequency and experience.

Everyone’s biomechanics are different. Some people have long limbs and a short torso, a longer fema (thigh bone) in comparison to the tibia and fibia (shin bone) or a longer radius and ulna (forearm bone) in comparison to the humorous (upper arm bone). My point is that two people doing the exact same exercise will achieve different benefits.

I can identify all of these areas and produce tailored, personal programmes designed specifically to your needs and goals.

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Personalised Nutrition Plan

Nutrition plays a vital part in helping you achieve your goals. The only way you will be able to stick to and follow a nutrition plan is if you like it.

I will make a nutrition plan tailored to your needs and work out the exact amount of each macro (Protein Fats & Carbohydrates) your body requires.

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Weekly Check-ins

I will check-in with you on a weekly basis to address the areas we need to target in the following week. I’ll check-in with not only your training and nutrition, but about how you are sleeping or how to manage your stress levels.

All these areas affect how you will achieve your training goals. Having a weekly check-in with me will help accomplish this.

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Educational Videos

I’ve always found results dramatically improve if you understand the reason behind why you are doing something, rather than just someone simply telling you what to do.

I am not just going to be training you, I will be supporting you. My personally made videos will enable you to educate yourself giving you a better understanding of what we are doing, allowing you to get the best results possible.

The Body Project Recipe Pack 2

Educational Documents

I have produced documents on Nutrition, Supplements, Alcohol and more to help educate you and advance your knowledge in understanding key areas that have a direct effect on you reaching your goals.

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Private Messaging Groups

You will gain access to my private Facebook group, joining others on their fitness journeys and giving you a space to share what you have achieved.

I have created a strong, positive community where everyone can ask for advice, post achievements and keep motivated, together.

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Daily Tracker

I will ask you to fill out a daily tracker, which will help me to identify any areas that you may be struggling with or ones that are holding you back from reaching your goals.

How my online coaching can benefit you

A few questions, answered

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That’s the wrong question. The right question is how would online coaching benefit you?

The days you are struggling, tired from work or just life itself, I will be there in your pocket for motivation to push you through your workout. I will keep you on track by getting the best from you every single session, helping you create a crystal clear vision and showing you the path on how to get there.

From planning your workouts and the order to do them in, to the reps and sets, I will be the coach in your pocket to take the hassle out of planning your sessions, giving you more time and the ability to train anywhere you like.

Are you confused by macros? Do you know what a macro split is? Do you even know what macros are? My services provide the answer to all your diet questions. Along with my training services, I will work out all of your nutrition needs for you, taking the headache of it away.

With my experience and knowledge, I know what works and what doesn’t so you don’t have to waste your time following the wrong plans.

With my online fitness guidance, your’ll have far more energy for the things you do on a daily basis. You will be able to carry out simple day-to-day tasks quicker, giving you more downtime to yourself or to be able to spend it with your family.