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Client success stories

Client success stories

Client success stories

"How I've gone from a size 10 to a size 6"


Are you new to the gym and trying to gain muscle but struggling? Or have you been trying for months/years but never really see much difference? Let me tell you that nutrition will be one of the main reasons you’re not packing on any size or muscle.

Yes, knowing how to execute exercises correctly and following a structured training programming comes into play. You can be doing everything right but if you are not consuming enough of the right foods, you are not giving your body the required nourishment in order to grow.

Or on the flip side, are you consuming enough food, but not the right foods and just putting on body fat instead of actual muscle? You need to have the right macro split of protein, fats and carbohydrates so you are not just putting on too much body fat overall and then giving yourself more work further down the line by having to get rid of it.

By getting your nutrition on point for muscle gain and by knowing what to eat and when to eat, you will thrive in the gym and see better results.

From a 0kg to 215kg deadlift in just 23 weeks!


When Lee come to me he wanted to learn how to execute compound lifts (multi joint/multi muscle exercises) correctly with good form. He had never attempted them before, as he knew he may seriously injure himself if they were not performed correctly.⁣⁣

After having mastered the technique, he went from never having deadlifted to now being able to deadlift 215kg all in just 23 weeks! An incredible achievement of being able to lift more then 3x his body weight!

"I want my kids to be able to look up to me on how you should live your life"


During her pregnancy, Kerry was advised to have prolonged bed rest resulting in her putting on 3 stone. Following the birth of her son, she wanted to get back to her normal weight and reached out to me for help.⁣

I explained to Kerry how lifting weights and following a bespoke programme that I would design to her needs would not only allow her to reach the goals she wanted, but help reduce body fat and regain her physique.⁣

With my teaching, she has not only changed physically but mentally. She is much more confident in what she does and feels so much better over all.⁣

After smashing her starting goals, we have now set our sights on new ones. Kerry has recently got engaged, and its now time to get wedding ready!

“I’m looking forward to the next part of the journey with Luke”⁣