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Brett's Success Story

It all seems impossible until you do it! Dropping an incredible 18.4kg (over 40lbs) of body fat in just 8 weeks!

Brett had tried multiple times before to lose weight but struggled with consistency due to lack of clarity. He said he was going to give it one more go and decided to join my challenge.

After completing my ‘How To Gain Motivation’ pdf he discovered his reason.

With Brett’s mum living on the other side of the world, she worried about his health as multiple other male family members have had heart attacks at his age due to being over weight.

Unfortunately, Brett’s mum has limited time left with us. He wanted her to know he was safe & healthy, but not only this, he wanted to be a positive role model for his son and be someone to look up to for strength, healthy habits and longevity.

This new found motivation combined with my guidance and support from the group produced some incredible results since finishing the challenge. Not only has he been striving at work and pushing for a role change with more income to support his family, he has turned his health around and now has the energy to take his son out to do more activities and make more memories together.

The challenge gives your more than just fitness.

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