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Kara's Success Story

Winning the challenge gave me the confidence to do a photo shoot

Kara has multiple jobs with one of them being a Personal Trainer.

Always putting others first left little time to focus on herself.

Long, busy days meant snacking in between jobs and being exhausted when she got home. It was easier to turn to takeaways and fast food rather than cook.

Deciding it was time to prioritise herself and get out of the cycle, Kara worked incredibly hard during the challenge allowing her to regain a better balance to her life; all in just 8 weeks!

Kara dropped an incredible 6.3kg of body fat and 40cm off of her body! Winning the challenge with an amazing transformation both physically and mentally.

Since completing the challenge, Kara decided to continue working with me with my 1 – 2 – 1 personal training package.

We took a step back, set new goals for her to achieve and continued on with the new found enthusiasm that she gained from the challenge. One goal Kara had set was a fitness photoshoot, which we are working towards now!

Well done Kara!

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