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Lilly's Success Story

Check out Lillys incredible transformation in just 12 weeks!

When lilly come to she wanted to learn more about resistance training, increase her muscle mass while not losing any weight which would result in improving her body composition.

With a focus being being on glute development and a flatter tummy.

We didn’t go though any hard or restrictive diet, in fact we didn’t even drop her calories below maintenance and had choice meals every week.

By cleaning up her diet a little and consuming the correct amount of protein along with some incredibly hard work in the gym produced these results.

She asked me to push her hard with her training, so I produced a challenging training programme along with 3 x 1-1 PT sessions per week. Lilly worked extremely hard in every single one resulting in…

Body fat dropped ✔️
Muscle mass increased ✔️
Improved composition ✔️
Goals…. Completed ✔️

This is not the end of her journey but just the beginning, I can’t wait to see how far we can take her

Lilly's Progress Photos
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