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Lucy's Success Story

I loved having my training plan set out for me, the tracking systems helped so much with accountability

It’s extremely hard to get leaner when your already lean but Lucy has achieved just that!

Lucy’s goal was to improve her physique & regain her motivation with her fitness.

She has always been into her fitness but needed to regain her drive.

With her goal being set (improving her physique) getting leaner was the first stage.

Having her training and nutrition set out gave her a new focus and she pushed extremely hard to ticking all the box’s!

Over the last few months she has built muscle tissue and dropped body fat.

It hasn’t been easy but her hard work is shown in the picture such an amazing result & achievement!!

We are now onto stage two… Building lean muscle tissue!!

Can’t wait to see how far she can go!!

Well done Lucy!!

Lucy's Progress Photos
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