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Matt's Success Story

I lost 12kg of body fat in just 12 weeks!!!

“I’ve let myself go and I’m ready to make a change what do I need to do?” was matts first words when he came to me.

Like most lockdown had got the better of him he put on unwanted weight and he wasn’t happy with the way he looked at the time.

Lock down body want getting him down and decided it’s time to get back on track.

His goal was to lose some body fat and build his chest and quads.

Matt lost an incredible 12kg of body fat in just 12 weeks!!!

Not only that he packed on a load of muscle tissue in the quads as well as his chest ticking all of his goals!

That’s not the end of his Journey he’s still dropping body fat daily with a summer holiday as his new goal!

Well done Matt, you smashed it!!

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