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Pat's Success Story

Pats goal was to increase his 1RM (one rep max) on his 3 main lifts… deadlifts, back squat & barbell bench press, he done just that!


We built his foundations with some higher rep sets (8-14 reps) and then progressed into a 5,3,1 (explained at the bottom) protocol to then increase his 1RM.


He went from lifting:

Deadlift 110kg to 180kg

Back squat 70kg to 150kg

Barbell bench press 50kg to 100kg


Which is a mass amount in relation to your 1RM increases and this was all done in just over a year! Well done Pat



This is an assending programme where the volume begins high with a lower work load and then these variables change to a lower volume to higher work load:

Week  Reps  Work Load

1.         5              87%

2         3               93%

3         1               100%


After completing increase your new 1RM target (be realistic on how your previous 1RM felt) and then work off of these number for the next 3 weeks. Rinse and repeat.

Pat's Progress Photos
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