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The Reason You’re Not Losing Body Fat

For weeks, months or even years you’ve been training hard and eating well, but the body fat doesn’t seem to be going down. It’s got to the point where it’s weighing heavily on your mind and you can’t train any harder in the gym.

But let me tell you this…

It’s not your training sessions that are letting you down!

It’s your weekend where you’re going wrong! You can work your ass off in the week, be in a calorie deficit whist eating healthy nutritious food. BUT if you don’t continue this over the weekend it can completely outweigh all the hard work you put in during the week. Is it worth it? Let me explain…

The truth is you are going to have to sacrifice something in order to reach your goals. You might feel as though you have been, but I’m afraid it’s not been enough.

For example, lets say for instance in order for you to be in a calorie deficit you need to be consuming 1,600 calories (if you’re not sure what calories are go check out my calories explained article CLICK HERE), with your maintenance being 1,800 calories that’s a 200 calorie deficit. You consume this amount Monday to Friday which puts out in a deficit – correct?

Then at the weekend you have just one cheat day consuming 3,000 calories (which is only a few glasses of wine, a takeaway and nice desert). When you then add your overall weekly calories together it will be more than you require and you are in surplus!

For example:

If your Maintenance is:

12,600 calories per week (1,800 calories per day)

To be in a Deficit you consume:

11,200 calories per week (1,600 calories x 7days)

Current calorie consumption putting you in a surplus:

1,600 calories x 5 days = 8,000 calories

3,000 calories x 2 days = 6,000 calories

8,000 calories + 6,000 calories = 14,000 calories per week.

I ask my clients to fill out a daily tracker and we factor in re-feeds and meal choices when required. On occasions when a client has not chosen wisely, this is noticed immediately on the tracker but it can take up to a week to undo that one bad day.

So just be mindful and take this into consideration. If this sounds like you, it’s very easy to tell yourself, “oh its ok” or “oh l will start tomorrow”, maybe you need some accountability and someone to guide you with a tracker on a daily basis. If it is, then click on the “contact me” and I’ll explain it and all the other areas in which I can also help you.