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Mark's Success Story

When Mark first come to me his knowledge of resistance training was low, never having really traveled further than the treadmills.⁣

His goal was to reach 100kg by the summer for his wedding.

I introduced him to resistance machines and free weights to what he picked up the techniques very quickly. He become a perfectionist to his form

Over the weeks his strength flew up hitting an impressive 200kg on the leg press for 15reps!

When the gyms closed it didn’t dampen his motivation, it seemed to light the fire more brightly!

Taking straight to the roads and finding his love for the bike again.

With a combination of structured nutrition, hard riding and body weight & band workouts he was on track to the goal ⁣.

Unfortunately due to covid the wedding has been moved to a later date

But it’s not all bad news, over the last 8 weeks he’s dropped over 10kg and all achieved while working full time also!⁣

Smashing his goal weight by a further 12kg now only weighing 88kg!!

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