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Andrea’s incredible transformation for her wedding day's Success Story

Andrea's incredible transformation for her wedding day
A comment from The Body Project
“I wasn’t very confident in exercising. I have never really suffered with low self esteem, but I knew I would definitely start to feel more confident, healthier and have more energy once I started. As much as I wanted this for myself, I also wanted to be the best healthiest version of me for my children. Luke never once makes you feel bad if you have had an off day. He fully offers support in a gentle guiding way, reminds you off your goal and suggests different options if you feel like it may happen again. Due to his knowledge that he passes along in such a positive way, I would feel comfortable and confident to walk into a new gym and use the machines for an effective workout. My nutrition is so much better. I now eat food that fills me up for longer, which means I don’t feel the need to snack. I make sure the food I eat doesn’t make me feel sluggish and have started to experiment more with recipes. I’m amazed, the results speak volumes to me. This is just the start, I generally feel the most confident in my body. I feel strong, positive and most off all happy.”
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