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Arjun's Success Story

I cant thank you enough! Seriously... for guiding and pushing me

20kg of body fat down but we aren’t stopping there!!

When Arjun come to me he was a regular trainer & he’d tried multiple times before to lose weight.

He works in a busy & growing family business, there for we needed to gain structure to his eating and training times alongside his recovery.

We didn’t add more to his current training nor did we did we over restrict him of food.

Instead we perfected his form so he could train pain free and he followed a training program I made specific to him.

We then cleaned up his diet and put him in a slight deficit so he could continue to run the thriving business without feeling knackered all the time.

His wedding is coming up in the summer and this is what we have been working towards.

Project get in the best shape of his life is on track!!

Stay tuned…

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